By May 31, 2017 Fashion

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By May 16, 2017 Fashion

I haven’t posted in quite a while now and thats because my life has been a utter earthquake but you know what, I’m not complaining one bit.Im still thankful for everything that i have and all the people that are in my life that have shaped me today, even during the last few weeks. Read More


By March 18, 2017 Lifestyle

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By March 13, 2017 Lifestyle

Its crazy to think that in a few more weeks baby Lulu is going to be 5 months old.As a new first time mom I’ve learnt so much since she came into this world and i have to say i feel like I’m a new changed woman.I have whole level of respect for my mother knowing all the things she did for me to keep me happy and healthy.Thanks mom :*

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By March 9, 2017 Fashion

Now we all know that money looks better in you bank than on your feet but theres just something about buying a pair of shoes that gives you that instant gratification and that feeling of IM ON TOP OF THE WORLD!Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that buying and splashing on a pair of fury feels makes my head big or anything but i just feel like i got my monies worth.Honestly, I’m not the only one; its a common problem for us women species as they say 😛 Think about it we’re on our feet all day and we pretty much use our feet to do EVERYTHING not to mention when we look up yes we see the sky but when we look down we either find a lucky penny (on a very rare occasion), a dirty sidewalk,grass maybe or THOSE BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF SHOES YOU JUST INVESTED IN.Thats just how i think , you might think I’m a complete arse for thinking like that but hey.Shoes also bring back memories for m in an odd way because i get reminded i was wearing THAT particular shoe on THAT particular day.Im weird yes yes i know!
So tell me, what makes you want to buy shoes?or are you a self proclaimed shoe addict/hoarder like me?


By March 8, 2017 Food

These no egg banana apple oat muffins are seriously the bomb dot com!So good and easy to make and not to mention really good for you.You get the good fats, omegas, good carbs and iron whilst satisfying your sweet tooth which is a win win for me at least.BONUS-they stay good in the fridge for about 5 days so you’re good for the busy weekdays 🙂 YAY!

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By March 2, 2017 Lifestyle

So a most of you know i became a new mom on November 4th at 10.30pm exactly!AH! I still remember the first time i heard my little Lulu cried and how my heart skip a beat realising how my life has completely changed(IN A GOOD WAY).Im not gong to lie but being a new mum and having a responsibility of this new human being takes quite a toll on you (at least it did for me).There were countless nights i didn’t sleep and days where i felt so exhausted i felt like it was never going to end.But thanks to the internet and some tips i got from my mom and family i survived and things are wayyyyyyyy more in control now that i have a few tools up my sleeve the use every time things get a bit kook with little Lulu.So click on the video and learn all the lessons ,tips and tricks i wish someone told me when i had my little bundle of joy.Make sure you subscribe for more fabulous videos every week 🙂

Love, Sahar xoxo


By February 5, 2017 Beauty

Skincare has always been something near and dear to my heart and honestly its more important to me than putting on makeup because i believe that if your skin is beautiful you don’t need much make-up to apply.I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to applying makeup so having an effective skincare routine has always been key for me.I try to find products that suit my sensitive combination skin that are natural and also rich in active ingredients that would give my skin that extra boost it needs to have that youthful glow.

I divide my skincare into day and night using products that are more richer during the night and lighter and fresh during the day.

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How To Style Your Coffee Table

By January 26, 2017 Lifestyle

Hello Fabulous!So in todays segment i show you guys some simple tricks and tips to make your coffee table the centre piece of your living room, and the best part it its super quick and you’ll probably own most of the items needed already.I’ve added the links of some of the items seen in the video that might help you get some inspiration

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Date Night Burgundy Lipie

By January 21, 2017 Beauty

So Hani , Baby Lulu )our plus one haha) and i were off to our favourite Italian restaurant downtown Kuwait so i decided to glam up a bit to match my crushed velvet Zara dress(shop similar look in SALE) which I’m obsessed with.Its a gorgeous burgundy colour so i decided to pair it with my signature Tom Ford burgundy lip in Leonardo.The look came out super chic,sophisticated especially with the bare eyes.Im obsessed!

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