About Me

Sahar Hussain of Sahar Glam was born and raised in tiny sunny Kuwait where she currently resides with her husband Hani Al-Azzam and daughter Lulu.Growing up Sahar always had an admiration for the creative world filled with colourful style and an emphasis on self expression.Though pursuing other careers paths and and still having that fire of curiosity of the creative world, Sahar Glam was born on February of 2016.Her Youtube channel Sahar Glam was born as a digital destination for the modern millennial woman to feel inspired by the everyday aspects of life, where weekly videos about all things beauty, makeup, lifestyle, health, fitness, food and travel are created

This blog was created on December 2016 as an outlet to share and have a library of all the pictures she snaps along the way and as an online destination for the über modern women to get inspired and learn about the feminine aspects of life.Here you’ll find all sorts of content similar to her Youtube channel.All content featured on this channel is full of colourful inspiration and most importantly created with love , passion and admiration for the grand world around us.


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