How I Clean My Make-up Brushes

By January 4, 2017 Beauty

So you all know I’m a makeup fanatic and own way to many brushes a normal person should own.But owning make up brushes means cleaning them on a regular basis (weekly ideally but hey we all know we don’t always do that).I learnt how to clean my makeup brushes after watching a Michelle Phan video on Youtube and used dish soap and olive oil at first but honestly i found it way to time consuming especially when it came to taking out the oil from the brushes.I do that when my brushes are SEVERALY and UTTERLY disgustingly dirty and when i have a bit more time.

But otherwise, like yesterday i just clean my brushes with simple Baby Shampoo.I used the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and honestly it does a GREAT job in getting all the gunk out.Your brushes will be smelling great, not to mention its a really inexpensive , quick way to clean them compared to getting a brush cleanser which tends to be expensive.If you’re looking for a great brush cleanser i highly recommend the Mac Brush Cleanser to use in between deep cleaning your brushes.

Now on to how you clean your brushes with baby shampoo.Simple! Just squirt a bit of shampoo in a tiny bowl, dip your dampened brush in it and swirl it around on your hand until you sees the gunk coming out and rinse.That easy.Air dry them lying down flat (preferably a bit elevated from the end where you hold it from) and VOILA! Clean brushes

Happy Cleaning!


XO, Sahar

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