My Perfume Collection

By January 11, 2017 Beauty


OK LADIES! So i might have a slight addiction! An addiction to constantly feel the need to buy fragrances as means to complete my outfit!YES! I have a problem with spending my money on things other than a gorgeous pair of shoes.

Perfume has always been somewhat of a beautiful way of self expression to me.From the notes an essential oils put in the fragrance, to the beautifully designed bottles, its all appealing to me.Not only does spritzing a gorgeous perfume remind me of the the occasion and memory of when i wore it , it also is a form of expressing my mood.I tend to steer towards more floral and lighter scents during the day and summer with notes of jasmine,berries and citrus in general but come fall,autumn and winter i choose more heavier perfumes that have a more stronger smell and notes like amber and vanilla in them.

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How I Clean My Make-up Brushes

By January 4, 2017 Beauty

So you all know I’m a makeup fanatic and own way to many brushes a normal person should own.But owning make up brushes means cleaning them on a regular basis (weekly ideally but hey we all know we don’t always do that).I learnt how to clean my makeup brushes after watching a Michelle Phan video on Youtube and used dish soap and olive oil at first but honestly i found it way to time consuming especially when it came to taking out the oil from the brushes.I do that when my brushes are SEVERALY and UTTERLY disgustingly dirty and when i have a bit more time. Read More


By December 20, 2016 Lifestyle

So here i am sitting here staring at my keyboard thinking how i should write my first ever blog post on my very own blog which I’ve been dreaming of having for a very long time.

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